The King of Hearts LeRoy the King
aka LeRoy Rice, Georgia, USA

A Tractor Comes In Handy on a Small Farm

Tractor Ready to Plow Ford 2910 Tractor
Collecting fire wood Digging a post hole

I have a 1985 Ford model 2910 tractor to do chores like:

  1. Plowing up the garden
  2. Mowing the pastures and fields
  3. Hauling firewood
  4. Drilling fence post holes

You Can't Have Too Many Tractors

I found this 1965 Massey Ferguson backhoe in a persons back yard, abandoned and needing a new home. The owner had been a contractor but was now retired and his equipment had been sitting unused for several years. The price was right, so I gave it a new home. It is not running and virtually everything needs to be repaired. But I like a challange. I wiill work at resurecting it over the next few years.

Backhoe as I found It
The Backhoe as I found It
Bringing the Backhoe Home
The Backhoe Comes Home With Me

Why do I need a backhoe. I don't. But why should that stop me. You just can't have too many tractors!