My Tractor

A Tractor Comes In Handy on a Small Farm

I have a 1965 Ford model 2910 tractor to do chores like

  1. Plowing up the garden
  2. Mowing the pastures and fields
  3. Hauling firewood
  4. Drilling fence post holes

You can’t have too many tractors

I found this 1965 Massey Ferguson backhoe in a persons back yard, abandoned and needing a new home. The owner had been a contractor but was now retired and his equipment had been sitting unused for several years. The price was right, so I gave it a new home. It is not running and virtually everything needs to be repaired. But I like a challenge. I will work at resurrecting it over the next few years.

Why do I need a backhoe. I don’t. But why should that stop me. You just can’t have too many tractors!