The King of Hearts LeRoy the King
aka LeRoy Rice, Georgia, USA

A Tractor Comes In Handy on a Small Farm

Tractor Ready to Plow Ford 2910 Tractor
Collecting fire wood Digging a post hole

I have a 1985 Ford model 2910 tractor to do chores like:

  1. Plowing up the garden
  2. Mowing the pastures and fields
  3. Hauling firewood
  4. Drilling fence post holes
bringing home the backhoe

In the spirit of "a man can never have too many tractors" on July 8 2017 I acquired a derelict backhoe. It is a 1959 Massey Harris. It needs a lot of work, but it was cheap. I intend it to be a long term restoration project. Why do I need a backhoe? I don't; but why let that stop me?